Welcome to Plant Packed Plates!

If you are a family member, friend or Instagram follower, you probably heard that I graduated with my Master of Public Health in May. I was fortunate enough to secure an amazing job at the headquarters of a national corporate wellness company, but with this new position not starting until mid-July, I finally had some time on my hands for the first time in a long time. So I figured it was about time for my blog to graduate too.

After taking time to think about what I really want to share with you, I decided to re-brand and launch an all-new site, Plant Packed Plates. (Didn’t my friend Amanda do a fabulous job designing my new logo?!)

You may be wondering: Why re-brand? Why now?

So much in my life has changed since starting my original WordPress blog, Colleen in the Kitchen, as a dietetic intern four years ago. At this point in my life, I have a much better understanding of my professional and personal goals, and I felt that a blog with a more specific focus would allow me to better share my passion for plant-based food and nutrition with time-crunched adults like yourself. It took weeks of brainstorming and bouncing ideas off family and friends (who deserve a huge THANK YOU), but Plant Packed Plates is finally online and ready for reading!

Plants deserve to be the star of the plate, and I hope that my new site will show you just how delicious and nutritious they can be!

Subscribe to the site so that you don’t miss out on my weekly posts, which will include anything from plant-packed recipes to food prep tips to commentaries on the latest nutrition trends and misconceptions. I also would love to connect with you on social media, so make sure to follow me (and say hello!) on Instagram (formerly Colleen in the Kitchen), Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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